Otoplasty, or external ear surgery, is the surgical procedure in which deformities of the pinna (outer ear) are corrected, whether they are congenital in origin or stem from developmental problems.

The most common surgery carried out is to correct protruding or “fan-like” ears. In the event that the problem appears during childhood, it is recommended to wait until the child expresses his or her discomfort with the ears to proceed with surgery. In this way, the child will have a better postoperative experience.

Take into account

Operating room1h
Clinic stayNo
Anesthesia childs/adultsGeneral/local+sedation
Back to work1-2 weeks

Recommended for…

  • Individuals with prominent or protruding ears
  • To harmonize the face


  • Recovered body image
  • Improved self-esteem

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