Cancer reconstruction

The treatment of cancer is based mainly on medical chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, but surgery also has an important role.

The plastic surgeon participates, very actively, from the first phases of cancer detection. He is in charge of the removal of large tumours from the head and neck or carries out surgeries that allow, for example, the conservation of extremities in the case of sarcomas. In this way, amputation of the effected extremity is avoided.

Reconstructive cancer surgery, once the tumour is removed, centres on the functional and aesthetic recovery of the affected body part. We use the latest microsurgical and endoscopic techniques and stem cell regenerative therapy to try to make the patient’s physical and emotional recovery as fast and as satisfactory as possible.

Reconstrucción oncológica

Take into account

Each case will need a different surgery in time and techniques applied. The doctor makes an initial assessment and informs the patient of the number of estimated surgeries and the recovery time of each of them.

Recommended for…

  • Individuals with physical and/or functional after-effects following the removal of a tumour


  • Improved or recovered function
  • Recovered body image
  • Emotional recovery

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