Dr. Joan-Pere Barret

Dr. Joan Pere Barret is a specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

After completing his training as a specialist in Barcelona, his interest and curiosity in medicine led him to work across the globe in a variety of countries. He lived in the US, Netherlands and the UK, where he worked as a physician and learned about distinct forms of hospital organization, applying innovative new techniques such as microsurgery and directing his own research projects.

In 2005, after 8 years abroad, he returned to Barcelona where he applied all of his acquired knowledge and experience. He was appointed Head of the Plastic Surgery and Burns Department of the Hospital Vall d´Hebron, the same hospital where he began his career.

His desire to improve his patients’ quality of life has led him to direct various European and international research projects. A lover of scientific dissemination, he has organized courses and congresses and has led conferences across the globe. In addition, he has written various books and scientific publications.

His surgical interventions are innovative, using the latest in endoscopic techniques and regenerative surgery with stem cells.

In 2010, this search for his patients’ well-being and for innovation led him to perform the first full face transplant in the world.

“Effort, perseverance, and believing in yourself make the impossible possible.”


  • "After Lucas suffered an accident, absolutely all of the doctors said that there was nothing to do for his leg, due to his injuries and that he would always have a limp, that his foot would drag without a splint, that with only one artery it would be dangerous, etc. Only Dr. Joan Pere Barret helped him to come out of the tunnel, with his simplicity, making the difficult seem simple. I don’t know how to express my gratitude, that of Lucas and the entire family. All the thanks in the world are insignificant. Warm regards."

    Blanca, mother of Lucas (Madrid)
  • "To my genius, Dr Barret. Thanks to his hands and his wisdom and that gift of joining together what no one else joins together"

    Rafa (Barcelona)
  • "Many thanks to Dr Joan-Pere Barret for having been my surgeon. You have completely rejuvenated my face, always being professional and correct in your point of view. You are the best both as a professional as well as in the personal treatment that you offer your patients. Warmest of regards."

    Pilar (Barcelona)
  • "Two months ago I was treated by Dr. Barret, for facial paralysis. He is a great professional with a very caring and humane approach. He transmits confidence. 100% recommended."

    Soki (Barcelona)
  • "One year ago I was operated on for facial paralysis. No physician won my trust and gave me good results until I met Dr. Barret. He is a 10 on the scale of physicians. He is sincere, educated and a very good person. I thank him every day of my life since it is because of him that I can smile again."

    Sandra (Terrassa)
  • "I had a breast augmentation and otoplasty (ears) and I am thrilled with the results. Both he and his team have an excellent manner. Fully recommended."


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