Our way of being, our way of working We love our profession. It isn’t just a job, it is our way of providing for the well-being and happiness of society. This gives us a huge personal satisfaction and encourages us to continue down the same path. Plastic surgery has provided us with the opportunity to form a part in the lives of others, to help them if they need us. This involves both embellishing as well as repairing. Each one of our patients is unique and unrepeatable.

Therefore, we listen to them from the first moment that they come to us, telling us their needs, concerns, fears and expectations. And it is for this reason that we accompany them throughout the entire treatment process, so that they are sure to feel comfortable, calm and safe. We are sincere and honest, as physicians and as people. We seek perfection in each detail and leave nothing to chance. Excellence is not a goal to be achieved, it is our way of working, which requires ability, passion and commitment.

“We restore lives, body and soul”


Doctor Barret

Doctor Barret

Medical director. Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Being a physician is not just a profession. It transcends the individual and makes us more humane. Listening, helping and being helped, learning from each patient, creating bonds of trust. Applying the science of plastic surgery to cure, repair and beautify others. Inside and out. I feel the need to innovate, to be on the cutting edge, to search and to find. I am restless and a non-conformist and I always seek excellence. Both in my work with people and in the operating room. Together with my team, we wish to help and go forward with modern and individualized surgical procedures that ensure success.

Esther Joly

Managing director. Responsible for conferences and medical courses

I received my degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Barcelona. In 2005, I began my work in the healthcare field with Dr Barret. I love my work, since it encompasses many areas. It has a more business aspect with the relationship with providers and external collaborators, as well as a more humane side in the direct relationship with patients, a side which I participate in as much as possible. My objective, and that of Dr Barret, is to ensure the excellence in the day to day practice. To do so, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the healthcare sector, good internal organization, respect and empathy in interpersonal treatment and a mind that is open to new projects. We demand just as much from ourselves as from our collaborators. Nothing is left to chance. The excellence in our way of working translates to the final (and most important) aim of our work: complete patient satisfaction.

Josep Carrizo

Marketing and Communication Manager

After completing my Technical Engineering in Business Computing studies at the Tecnocampus of Mataró (UPC), I began devoting my professional life to the world of SAP consulting, a specialty that allowed me not only to improve my business knowledge, but also, thanks to the many trips made across the globe as a project leader, helped me to grow as a person. Collaborating in teams made up of individuals from distinct cultures from countries as different as the US, South Africa, Germany, Mexico or Turkey, allows you to see just how important communication is, at all levels. Years later, I completed my Master’s degree in Digital Marketing and Electronic Commerce at the EAE-OBS, and it is in this field where I attempt to offer my knowledge and to continue learning, along side Dr. Barret, one of the most innovative surgeons of the field, while at the same time, a doctor who understands that communication is key to understanding every patient’s expectations.

Dr. Carlos Pueyo

Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Restorative Surgery

Dr. Bernat López Masramon

Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Restorative Surgery

Núria Llorente

Vodder method lymphotherapist
Indiba Therapist
Non-invasive aesthetic treatments

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