Endoscopic midface lift

The endoscopic midface lift is an intervention through which we stretch the skin of the cheekbones and that surrounding the eyes (crow’s feet) through small incisions. It is recommended for patients over the age of 45 and also for those having an aged appearance.

The endoscopic midface lift may be associated with a frontal endoscopic facelift, a cervico-facial lift and blepharoplasty.

Lifting del tercio medio endoscópico en Barcelona

With the endoscopy technique, excellent results are achieved that are as long lasting as the traditional facelift technique, but with less invasive surgery for the patient. Dr. Barret is a pioneer physician in the endoscopic technique, which has been applied to the frontal and midface lift procedure for more than 15 years now, being one of the few surgeons in the world who performs this technique.

Take into account

Operating room 4,5h
Clinic stay 1 night
Deep sedation/general
Back to work 2-3 weeks

Recommended for…

  • Improving the appearance of the cheeks and crow’s feet
  • Patients wishing to appear rejuvenated


  • Recovery of identity and body image
  • Improved self-esteem

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