Manual lymphatic drainage (Dr.Vodder method)

Lymphis a liquid that occupies the space existing between the cells. The lymphatic system serves to eliminate toxins in the organism, favouring ourimmune system. With poor circulation of lymph, oedemas, swelling and liquid retention may appear.

Lymphatic drainage is a manual technique consisting of very gentle, slow and repetitive movements made to improve the circulation of the lymphatic ducts.

manual lymphatic drainage

Using manual massage, this technique is intended to mobilize the liquid to decongest the area and help eliminate waste substances that accumulate in the organism.

The massage techniques may be applied on any part of the body and are recommended to reduce oedemas caused by surgical procedures. This type of massage is also used as a complement to weight-loss and body remodelling treatments, to combat cellulitis and improve tired legs.

Through the proper combination of massage pressure, rhythm and direction, lymph circulation in its natural path is favoured. In addition, massage and lymphatic drainage have a very relaxing effect. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as to reduce migraines and vertigo.

Lymphatic drainage is also excellent as a treatment for the skin, since it helps prevent the formation of bags and wrinkles. In post-operation processes, it helps speed up curing and reduce oedemas and inflammation, as it has an analgesic effect.


  • Improves circulation and the lymphatic system
  • Contributes to the purification of the organism and to the elimination of toxins
  • Improves the skin’s appearance
  • Prevents the formation of bags under the eyes
  • Helps increase defences
  • Offers a relaxing and anti-stress effect
  • Reduces cellulitis
  • Improves liquid retention problems
  • Helps reduce inflammation in operated areas, accelerating the post-operation process

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